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About Martindale Family Farms

Martindale family farms has been farming in Gilcrest, about 9 miles south of Greeley, Colorado for the past 36 years. Before that, they farmed with Matt’s Grandparents in Commerce City, CO (aka, “Derby” or “Irondale”).

Since the 1920s, Matt’s Grandparents were raising quality vegetables “for the market” taking them by horse and buggy, and then eventually in the 1930s, by way of a single farm truck to the Denargo Market (near Coors Field). There is a lot of rich family farm history in that area!

Photo Left: Grandma Sylvia (middle) and Grandpa Floyd Palombo, and sons Gene and Pete (1934).  They later had three more children; Johnny, Angelo, and Matt’s Mom, Delores. Three of their four children continued to farm, including Delores.

Photo Left: The legacy continued with Matt’s parents, Delores, and John “Rocky” on the farm.

In 1976, Matt’s parents were selected to be one of five originating farms working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pioneer a new concept for “Farmer’s Markets” in Colorado. In fact, Martindale Farms still attends The Denver Metro Farmer’s Market, which Delores and John helped found.

Although times and technology have changed over the years, our work ethic, commitment to quality, attention to detail and pursuit to bring our customers the very best produce NEVER WILL!

Matt and Tami sometimes even get their kids to participate! The fourth generation in Colorado agriculture.